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2001 年 7 月 13 日,你的美国朋友给你写了一封信,祝贺北京申奥成功。收到信后你给他写了一封信,介绍了你们是如何庆祝申奥成功的。回信应包括下列图画所示内容,并邀请他在 2008 年来中国。
1. 词数 100 左右;
2. 信的开头和结尾已写好。
生词: 1. 竞标成功 win the bid for……
2. 出墙报 put up a wall newspaper
Dear Bill,
Very glad to receive your letter of July 13. ____
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Towards the Olympic civilization
? ? July 31, 2001 The night is all the Chinese people to sleep at night, when Juan Antonio Samaranch stated in 2008 from Beijing to host the 29th Olympic Games, people boiling, the cheers of Banzhao tears. Yes, the Chinese people can finally host the Olympic Games, the athletes are fina
(07/28/2008 06:27:07) [查看全文]
Towards the 2008 Olympic Games
? ? July 13, 2001, is for the Chinese nation will never forget the day. When Juan Antonio Samaranch at the microphone before the elderly, when the crisp out of the "Beijing" has been rung for the moment, we Chinese people are most proud of the moment. Our capital city of Beijing's success
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Towards the Olympic Games promote harmony
? ? In my eyes, it is a battlefield without smoke of gunpowder. The war between humans and nature of its purpose, does not lie in the massacre, but in yielding to the enemy, which, in the Olympic Games to be fully realized. As a senior human animals, already has a collaboration
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Olympic passion, and the sun Campus
? ? Fourth grade (4) classes have home-hing
With the start of the Olympic torch relay, the whole country people excited to come to watch the Olympic Games, does not have been more excited.
Many schools have organized the "Olympic passion, and the sun Campus" series of
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Primary and secondary school students welcome the Olympic Games English Composition
In the glorious days of 2001 - On 13 July, Juan Antonio Samaranch has used his old and heavy voice announced: "2008 Summer Olympic Games host city Beijing, China is……!" The twinkling of an eye, many Chinese people cheered A, the venue of silence moment of j
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? ? ? 我虽然是一个中学生,可是自从我开始关注奥运已经好久了呢,但我真正读懂奥运也只是在那次的雅典奥运会上。在美丽的雅典我国的奥运军团也写下了一段美丽的神话。
(07/28/2008 06:27:05) [查看全文]
I and the Olympic Games
Olympic Games, the quadrennial event. Olympic Games is very important in my mind, will soon be the 2008 Olympics, I really think of the scene to the feelings of 1.3 billion Chinese people are concerned about the Olympic event.
When the five-star red flag raised Ranran, Youranersheng a sense of pride, it
(07/28/2008 06:27:04) [查看全文]
我的奥运梦 Some people said: "The dream of inspiring, people dream of glory." Mysterious Olympic flame will once again in the East - Chinese ignited the earth - this is our common hope that the Chinese people. From the Olympic flame to the Great Wall, from the romantic Athens to Beijing Science and Technology of the… ... At this moment I was lying
(07/28/2008 06:27:04) [查看全文]
I refueling for the Olympic Games
In 2008 the 29th session of the Olympic Games in the Chinese capital will be held in Beijing! As a Chinese, I feel immense pride and pride. Beijing has achieved the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games, every Chinese people are thrilled. We have an obligation to also have the right to welcome the 2008 Olym
(07/28/2008 06:27:04) [查看全文]
2008 Olympics
Ling water three fourth grade primary school
Guangyinsijian, Riyuerusuo had gone is the 2008. Olympic flame extinguished in its hometown, will ignite in the mysterious Orient, which is also looking forward to the first four years, the history of mankind on the first leap. From Olympia to the Great Wall, from Athens to
(07/28/2008 06:27:03) [查看全文]
Olympic running toward
Chegu not a cold, what a plum blossom-Pubi.
-- That in mind
Whenever the magnificent hear the national anthem played, every time to see the bright five-star red flag raised Ranran, whenever it knows athletes at the Olympic success of another, I always emotions, full of aspiration. I dream that one day
(07/28/2008 06:27:03) [查看全文]
Children to see the Olympic Games, shared a bright
Through last week, I only watch TV to understand, China has about 10 million children are visually-impaired children, of which there are about more than 4 million are children of poor families. I also heard that to the treatment of amblyopia, we must use 5,000 yuan, but also spent around 4
(07/28/2008 06:27:02) [查看全文]
Acclaim for the 2008 Olympic Games
A beautiful meteor with this long-tail across the pitch-dark night, it is a beautiful and wonderful human meteor it can satisfy any desire but not immediately to achieve the kind of desire, it every 70 light-years Gu and a mother, the Earth will be worth it to meet a desire to stop it, it came to a flight
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The Olympic Games in my heart
Hebei Hengshui peace Road Shengping alley on the 5th 4-2-302
Feishi time, the years rush. A time in the twinkling of an eye, the Beijing Olympic Games will be here. In order to meet the Olympic Games, athletes have made full preparations and paid a heavy price. In cheers, in a high voice shouted, athle
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