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? ? ?   A: Excuse me, When will the bus leave?
  B: In two minutes.
  A: When will it get to the terminal?
  B: 4:30.
A: Does this bus get to Washington Square?
  B: Oh, no. You should take No. 52 Tramc
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? ? ? 麻烦请给我你的护照。May I see your passport, please?
这是我的护照。Here is my passport / Here it is.
旅行的目的为何?What‘s the purpose of your visit?
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Tracy and Jason, a couple, are talking about their financial planning[1].
B: Hi, honey, here's my last month's salary.
A: Ok, darling. How about this, from now on we'll put all your salary into our savings account[2], and set aside[3] 20% of my salary as Daniel's education fund.
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A--barber B--customer
A: Good morning.
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Miranda is calling Benny. They haven't seen each other for many years.
A: Hello, may I speak to Benny Smith, please?
B: Speaking.[1]
A: Benny, this is Miranda. Why haven't you called me since you got back?
B: Oh, my God, Miranda. Is it you?[2] What a surprise! How do you k
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(Tony calls Jean up[1].)
W: Hello!
M: Hello! Could I speak to Jean?
W: I'm sorry she's not in[2] at the moment[3].
M: Is that Mrs. Smith?
W: Yes, this is Jean's mother. Do you have anything important to tell Jean? Can I take a message[4] for you?
M: Sure. This is Tony,
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(Michael asks about the time on his way out to work.)
M: Honey, can you tell me the time?
W: Sure. It's 7:50 by my watch[1].
M: Gosh! I'm late for the meeting. No matter what,[2] I won't be able to get to the office within 10 minutes.
W: No hurry.[3] I didn't tell you that my watc
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(Mary comes to George's home for his birthday party.)
M: Oh, Mary, come in, please. I'm so happy to see you.
W: Happy birthday, George. Many happy returns of the day.[1] Here's a present for you.
M: Oh, thank you, Mary. You're so nice.
W: I hope you like it. Oh, have the other gu
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Mom wakes Daniel up in the morning.
A: Wake up, Daniel. The alarm's been ringing for almost a minute.
B: Oh, Mom. I'm still so sleepy. Can I sleep another five minutes? I always set the alarm ten minutes ahead of the time[1] when I really need to get up.
A: Sorry. No. Not today.
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Gary and Ada are talking over breakfast about what they are going to do that day.
A: Dear, I have to go to the office early today. Can you take Sally to school?
B: Sure. Want me to give you a ride?
A: No, forget it[1]. I'll just take the subway.It's very quick.I'll pick Sally up
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(John is returning a shirt to the store.)
M: Hi, Miss, can I return this shirt?
W: What's the matter with it?[1]
M: It's the wrong size[2]. I wear size 42, but it's a size 40.
W: I remember now. You wife bought it yesterday. She wanted size 41, but we didn't have it. She then took
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(Sarah is taking a taxi.)
W: Taxi! Taxi, please!
M: Good morning, Ma'am[1]. Where to?[2]
W: Beijing Railway Station, please. I need to catch[3] a 5:00 train.
M: It may be difficult, Ma'am.
W: I know. Please just do your best[4].
M: Ok, I will. We probably can still mak
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(Jim is buying tickets for a movie.)
M: May I have two tickets for Finding Nemo?
W: Ok. What time?
M: 2:30, please.
W: It's 60 yuan, please.
M: Sorry, we have student cards[1]. We can get discounts[2] with these, can't we?
W: Sure. That'll be 40 yuan, please.
M: Her
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(Li Mei is late for school.)
W: May I come in, please?
M: Hi, Li Mei, come in. Why are you late today? You know we're having an exam.
W: I'm sorry, Mr. Li. My bike broke down[1] on the way. And I couldn't find a place to get it fixed. So I pushed it all the way[2] to school.
M: I
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Ms. Xia is trying to open a new account[1], clear an old account[2], and deposit some money at a bank.
B: Good morning, Madam. May I help you?
A: Good morning, I'd like to open a new account to deposit this money.
B: A current account or fixed?[3]
A: A current account woul
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