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  On his way to visit his brother, Wu Song was at a place called Mount Jingyang. Though a bit drunk, he began to climb the mountain. Before long he saw a sign posted on a tree: "Travelers are advised to group together to climb over the mountain since tigers have killed some singular travelers of late. Please do not risk your life." Wu So
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  Lin Chong and Lu Zhishen were sworn brothers. One day, Lin's wife, a very pretty woman, suffered sexual harassment from the son of Gao Qiu, a very high official, when she was praying in a temple. At the news, Lin rushed over, give Gao Qiu's son a good beating, thus offending GaoQiu. Gao framed Lin with a false accusation, then had him
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  After killing the local tyrant Zhen Guanxi, for fear of being jailed, Lu Zhishen fled to Mount Wutai where he stayed in a temple as a monk. After breaking the temple rules by drinking, he was sent by the abbot to the Monastery of Great Assistance to State, where he was put in charge of a vegetable garden. The property had been plagued
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  One day Li Kui and Yan Qing, two heroes in liangshan Marsh, spent the night in the town of Jingmen, which is near to the Liangshan Marsh. In the manor the squire told them that Song Jiang, head of the liangshan Marsh, had snatched his daughter away by force. Li Kui got so angry that he ignored the facts and Yan Qing's doubts and immedi
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  The armored cavalry deployed by Huyan Zhuo could not be destroyed unless barbed lances were used. Tang Long presented a drawing of such a lance and lance could be made according to the drawing. However no one was able to use them. Tang Long suggested: "My cousin Xu Ning, an arms instructor in the capital, knows how to use barbed lances
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