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The Truth Behind Fear--A Ghost Story
Now, there was a very young and beautiful wife, who became sick and nearly died. She was on her death bed and told her husband, "I love you very much, and I don't want to leave you. Please, after I die, don't marry another person. You promise me! Okay?
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  This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. One day a scholar named Wang Sheng in Taiyuan met, on his way out, a beautiful girl. He brought her back to be kept in his study. The girl adked him not to tell anybody. Days later, Wang met a Taoist priest, who asked, "Did you have any peculiar encounter?""No," Wang firmly denied
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  This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. Chang Dayong of Luoyang loved peonies very much. He went to Caozhou when he learned that the peonies there were the best of all. He resided in a big garden to wait for the peonies to blossom. When the peonies were budding and redy to blossom, he was already broke, so he pawned all
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  This is a story in Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio about "Drunken Tao," a unique species in the chrysanthemum family. The Ma family was a scholars family and a family of chrysanthemum lovers. In this story, the lord of the present generation, Ma Zicai, was more fanantical about the plant than those of previous generations. On hearing
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  This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. Mr`Sun of Luoyang married the daughter of a magistrate. About twenty days after the wedding, his wife died of illness. Sun was extremely sad. One rainy day, an average-looking girl came to his house and said:"My name is Lu Wubing. I admire you for losing your sife at such a young
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  This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. The Ans had two sons. The elder son An Dacheng married Chen Shanhu. Shanhu was a kind woman with a sweet temper. Dacheng's mother, Shen Shi, was irritable and fierce.She often beat and cursed Shanhu.Shanhu never uttered a word of complaint. Later, Shen Shi went so far as to force
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  This is a classic Chinese fairy tale. It was said that there is a kind of poisonous grass that causes people to die after eating it. People said that people who died of eating this grass would become ghosts. They could reincarnate only by finding a person who had also died by eating the poisonous grass. A young masn, named Zhu Sheng, w
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  This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Strdio.
  As a child, Xiliu was smart and liked to read biographies of ancient sages. She decided to follow the examples of previous worthies and leave behind a reputation that would be noted for generations to come. At the age of nineteen she married Gao Sheng, who had just olst
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  This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. Lady Fan was gentle and beautiful. One day, accompanied by an attendant on an outing to the Water and Moon Monastery, she encountered the warm and equally beautiful Lady Feng. As they found an affinity between each other, on deqarting Lady Fan invited Lady Feng to visit her home s
(04/03/2007 10:19:05) [查看全文]
  This is a story from the book Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. There was an old man with the surname Feng, he had a son named Xiangru. Xiangru studied hard but failed several times in passing the imperial examination. One night when Xiangruwas reading books in the courtyard, he was surprised to see a beautiful girl on the wall lookin
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  This is an episode from the novel Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. His father died while Wang Zifu was very young. His mother gave her whole heart to bringing Zifu up. ASfter he was grown, the mother decided which girl was to marry her son. But before the marriaqge took place, the chosen girl died.
  On the day of the Lantern
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  This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. Old man Gan had two sons. He died when the second was only five. After his death, the parrot he had kept flew away. The second son grew up into a very handsome young man. His brother and sister-in -law decided to choose as suitable girl for him. One day, the second son met a very
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  This is an episode from the novel Strange Tales from Make-Do Strdio. An Daye turned out to be out-standingly clever while he was very young. He was also very handsome. His parents loved him very much and regarded him as a precious pearl on their palms. They hoped that their son would be successful in his career and thereby glorify his
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