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when ilus had first built his new seat,the city of troy, he prayed zeus to show some sign of blessing for it. his prayer was heard,and a wooden image of pallas- a-thena fell from heaven to within the walls of the city. known as the palladium, the statue afforded the city safety and protection. at religious meetings of the g
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eros was the god of love,better known by hislatin name cupid.son of aphrodite by ares ,he took his place among the small gods of olympus.he was represented asa little naked boy,with sparkling wings,and he carried his bowand arrows wherever he wandered.shooting his thrilling arrows in evils,he inspired the passion of lo
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  1.An Apple of Discord争斗之源;不和之因;祸根
  An Apple of Discord直译为“纠纷的苹果”,出自荷马史诗Iliad中的希腊神话故事
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  1.An Apple of Discord争斗之源;不和之因;祸根
  An Apple of Discord直译为"纠纷的苹果",出自荷马史诗Iliad中的希腊神话故事
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  There once lived a race of huge giants called Titans. These giants were fierce, violent, and lawless-always fighting among themselves and against Zeus, the king of the gods.
  One of the Titans, whose name was Prometheus, was wiser than the rest. He often thought about what would be likely to
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Hermes immediately after he was born,hermes was appointed godof thieves at olympus.and a thief he became when he was barely a few hours old.feeling hungry,the infant left his cradle after nightfall to hunt for food.he chanced uponapollo''s oxen grazing on a meadow and drove a number ofthese animals away,tying tree branches
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Venus And Adonis aphrodite loved adonis more than she did anybody else,for he was a brisk,lovely young hunter.she gave up herhome at olympus and took to the woods.in the woods she dressed herself up like a huntress and kept the youth company all day long.with him she wandered through grounds andgroves and over hills and val
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Apollo among the crowd of olympian gods the one most widely admired was apollo.he was the son of zeus and let to.according to greek mythology,leto was driven by hera from land to land at last poseidon took pity on her and brought the island of delos out of water for her to live on.there she gave birth to the twins ,apollo
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Prometheus prometheus was a titan .in the war between zeus the giants he had stood on the side of the new olympiangods.out of the clay he made the first man,to whom athena gave soul and holy breath.prometheus spent a lot of time and energy in creating the gift of fire.and fire raised man above all animals .later,there held
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Nereus and Proteus of all the small sea divinities nereus and proteus stood out as peculiar sea-gods.nereus,known as“the old man of the sea”,represented the pleasant aspect of ocean waters.he lived beneath the sea with his fifty lovely daughters,of whom the most famous were amphritrite,thetis,galate a and panope.it was ner
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Ares son of zeus and hera,ares was appointed god of war.hewas terrible and majestic ,and his march shook the world.of all the major gods at olympus,he was the most hateful,loving struggle and war and ever thirsty for blood .on the other hand he signified courage and victory in battle,and was devoutly worshipped by soldiers going
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Dionysus dionysus was the god of wine.he was the son of zeus by semele. when his mother was burnt to death in the glory of zeus .he was still a helpless infant.his father trusted his upbringing to some mountain fairy maidens .they tookthe greatest care of him. under the tutorship of silennus,the satyr, he was introduced to
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Philomela king pandion of athens had two daughters,procne and philomela.when athens was threatened by the wild men,king tereus of thrace came to its help.out of gratitude king pandion offered tereus either of his daughters in marriage and the thracian king chose procne as wife. for yearsthey lived in thrace and had one son,
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