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During the Spring and Autumn Period (707 - 476 B.C.), Duke Xian of the State of Jin Wanted to expand his position of? strength and sphere of influence. Therefore he would like to send his troops to destroy the State of Guo on the pretest that the State of Guo often encroached on theborders of the State of Jin. But there was a third sta
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  Mend the fold after a sheep is lost
  During the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), the State of Chu not very powerful. The king and the important court officials were dissolute and incompetent. They indulged in luxury and excessive pleasure all the time. Zhuang Xin, one of the ministers foresaw that the country
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During the Spring and Autumn period,Zhi Bo of the Spring and Autumn period,Zhi Bo of the State of Jin destroyed Fan's family.Taking advantage of this occasion,a man went to Fan's house and tried to steal something.As soon as the man entered the gate,he saw that there hung a big bell in the courtyard.The bell was cast in high-quality bronza,and w
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  Beat the grass and startle the snake
  Long long ago, a county magistrate named Wang Lu worked in present day Anhui province, East China. Wang Lu was very greedy and took many bribes. One of his secretaries was equally corrupt, and often schemed for Wang Lu's deeds.
  One day a man went to the magistrate to lodge a com
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  Whoever Plays With Fire Will Get Burnt
  During the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), prince Zhou Xu of the State of Wei killed his brother and became the new emperor. Zhou Xu was a tyrant. He oppressed his people and indulged in wars of aggression. By launching wars, he tried to divert the people's attention and reduce th
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  The hounds are killed for food once all the hares are bagged
  During the Spring and Autumn Period(770-476BC), there were two famous senior officials in the State of Yue. The King of the Yue named Gou Jian didn't accept the advice of Fan Li and blindly launched an attack against the neighboring State of Wu. As a result, he suff
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  Sheep will easily get lost when there are too many forked roads
  One neighbor of Yang Zi-a famous scholar lost a sheep. He asked all his relatives and friends and Yang Zi's servant for help.
  Yang Zi asked, "Why do you send so many people out just for one lost sheep?"
  His neighbor said, "Because there are a
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  When the Map is Unrolled, the Dagger is Revealed
  In the end of the Warring States Period(475-221 BC), there was a strong country named Qin. It wanted to annex other countries to unite China. In 228 BC, the Qin army captured a country and prepared to attack another country named Yan. So the prince Dan of Yan sent a brave man c
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  Look at someone with a new eye-Treat someone with increased respect
  Lv Meng was a general of Wu during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-180). He was born in such a poor family that he did not get any chance to go to the school when he was a child. However, there was still less time for reading when he served in the army after h
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  Only One Side is Willing
  Many years ago, a farmer happened to see the King's daughter in the capital. He lost his heart to her at once. After returning, he missed the princess day and night. Soon, he was ill. His friends and relatives came to see him. When they knew the reason why the farmer was ill, they thought it was quite
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  Skill comes from practice
  During the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a skilled archer. One day he drew a big crowd while he was practicing on the drill ground. He
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  Repeated injunctions
  In the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), the famous strategist Sun Wu known as Sun Zi came to see the King of the State of Wu, bringing along his great work The Art of War. He offered to help turn the State of Wu into a more powerful kingdom by training a strong army for it.
  The king was no
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  So long as you have put a great deal of effort, you can grind an iron rod into a needle-Perseverance spells success
  This legend is about Li Bai, a great poet in Tang Dynasty.
  Li Bai was naughty and disliked study when he was a child. One day he saw an old woman grinding an iron rod on a big stone when he was playing
(04/11/2007 06:47:25) [查看全文]
  Mr. Jiang has used up his literary talent-At one's wit's end
  During the period of Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-589), there was a man of letters named Jiang Yan, whose father died young. Little Jiang Yan was strenuous and diligent, capable of writing beautiful poems and essays at his early age. He, who was thought high
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  Hide a Dagger in a Smile
  There was a minister named Li Yifu during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). He was good at flattering people. So his official position was raised higher and higher. At last, he was made the prime minister. He was a vicious man. When he talked with people he always wore a sweet smile, but he was conjuring up
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