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As Xi Ren, the leading service girl who had taken care of Baoyu was away to visit her home, the duties, and the charge of Yihongyuan Court, fell on Qing Wen. A girl anxious to excel in everything, Qing Wen did everything personally. For the special occasion of his uncle's birthday party, baoyu puton a very unique Russian-made cloak woven with threa
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? ? The clever T'an Ch'un increases their income and removes long-standing abuses. The worthy Pao-ch'ai preserves intact, by the display of a little intelligence, the great reputation enjoyed by the Chia family.
? ? But let us pick up the clue of our story. P'i
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? ? The stupid secondary wife, dame Chao, needlessly loses her temper and insults her own daughter, T'an Ch'un. The perverse servant-girls are so full of malice that they look down contemptuously on their youthful mistresses.
? ? We will now resume our narration
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? ? Dowager lady Chia, nee Shih, does away with rotten old customs. Wang Hsi-feng imitates in jest (the dutiful son), by getting herself up in gaudy theatrical clothes.
? ? Chia Chen and Chia Lien had, we will now explain, secretly got ready large baskets of ca
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? ? In the Ning Kuo mansion sacrifices are offered to their ancestors on the last night of the year. In the Jung Kuo mansion, a banquet is given on the evening of the 15th of the first moon.
? ? But to resume our story. When Pao-yue saw that Ch'ing Wen had in
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? ? The beautiful P'ing Erh endeavours to conceal the loss of the bracelet, made of work as fine as the feelers of a shrimp. The brave Ch'ing Wen mends the down-cloak during her indisposition.
? ? But let us return to our story.
? ? "Quit
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? ? The young maiden Hsueeh Pao-ch'in devises, in novel style, odes bearing on antiquities. A stupid doctor employs, in reckless manner, drugs of great strength.
? ? When the party heard, the story goes, that Pao-ch'in had made the old places of interest she had, in days gone by, vi
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? ? Pao-ch'ai avails herself of the excuse afforded her by a fan to administer a couple of raps. While Ch'un Ling traces, in a absent frame of mind, the outlines of the character Ch'iang, a looker-on appears on the scene.
? ? Lin Tai-yue herself, for we will no
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? ? A happy man enjoys a full measure of happiness, but still prays for happiness. A beloved girl is very much loved, but yet craves for more love.
? ? Pao-yue, so our story runs, was gazing vacantly, when Tai-yue, at a moment least expected, flung her handker
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? ? Chiang Yue-han lovingly presents a rubia-scented silk sash. Hsueeh Pao-ch'ai blushingly covers her musk-perfumed string of red beads.
? ? Lin Tai-yue, the story goes, dwelt, after Ch'ing Wen's refusal, the previous night, to open the door, under the impr
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? ? In the Ti Ts'ui pavilion, Pao-ch'ai diverts herself with the multi-coloured butterflies. Over the mound, where the flowers had been interred, Tai-yue bewails their withered bloom.
? ? Lin Tai-yue, we must explain in taking up the thread of our narrative, w
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? ? CHAPTER XXVI. On the Feng Yao bridge, Hsiao Hung makes known sentimental matters in equivocal language. In the Hsiao Hsiang lodge, Tai-yue gives, while under the effects of the spring lassitude, expression to her secret feelings.
? ? After thirty days' careful nursing, Pao-yue, we will now notice
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? ? By a demoniacal art, a junior uncle and an elder brother's wife (Pao-yue and lady Feng) come across five devils. The gem of Spiritual Perception meets, in a fit of torpor, the two perfect men.
? ? Hsiao Hung, the story continues, was much unsettled in her m
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? ? The drunken Chin Kang makes light of lucre and shows a preference for generosity. The foolish girl mislays her handkerchief and arouses mutual thoughts.
? ? But to return to our narrative. Lin Tai-yue's sentimental reflections were the while reeling and ravelling in an intrica
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? ? Pao-yue and Tai-yue make use of some beautiful passages from the Record of the Western Side-building to bandy jokes. The excellent ballads sung in the Peony Pavilion touch the tender heart of Tai-yue.
? ? Soon after the day on which Chia Yuan-ch'un honour
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