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Making Havoc in Heaven
  Though Monkey was versatile and boasted supernatural powers, Great Sage Sun as he was called, was fooled into coming up to heaven by the Great White Planet. The Jade Emperor conferred upon Monkey the title of Protector of the Horses. When Monkey realized that his job was to
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Leaping out of the Eight Trigrams Furnace
  The Great Sage caused havoc in Heaven and the Jade Emperor ordered Heavenly soldiers and generals to punish him. But no one could manage to subdue him. Then the Lord Lao Zi threw his Diamond Jade bracelet at the Monkey King, who was then preoccupied with fi
(04/01/2007 10:12:38) [查看全文]
Chaos at the Feast of Peaches
  One day, the Jade Emperor invited Monkey Sun, the Great Sage Equalling Heaven, to Heaven, and asked him to administer the Peach Orchard. The Great Sage was overjoyed because anyone who ate the ripened peaches became eternal, living as long as Heaven and Earth. Everyday h
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The Tang Priest's Journey for Scriptures
  During the reign of Emperor Tai Zong (627-649) of the Tang Dynasty, at his request, esteemed Buddhist Monk Xuan Zang was sent to India, the birthplace of Buddhism, for scriptures. From Chang'an (present-day Xi'an), the capital of the Tang Dynasty, the monk j
(04/01/2007 10:11:23) [查看全文]
Monkey Hit Lady White Bone Thrice
  The Tang Priest (San zang) and his three disciples were on their way to the Western Heaven to obtain Buddhist scriptures. One day they were traveling in a high mountain. When Monkey (Wukong) saw it was cloudy and misting in the valley, he knew this mountain was bou
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Fighting in the Bottomless Cave
  When Tang Priest and his three disciples come to Mount Pitfall there is a female mouse spirit there. As soon as she sees Tang Priest she falls in love with him. Since he is so handsome, she wants to marry him. The mouse spirit first changes herself into a pretty girl
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Fish Spirit Makes Trouble
  Tang Priest and his three disciples traveled westward. One night, they arrived at the Tongtian River, which was 800kilometers wide with torrential waters. They had to put up for the night in a nearby village because they had no way to cross the river. They came to a house
(04/01/2007 10:10:20) [查看全文]
Red Boy Captures Sanzang
  Red Boy, the Bull Demon King and Princess Iron Fans son, had cultivated his physical and mental capacities and pollessed magic abilities. With powerful magics he always had the idea of eating the meat of Sanzang, the Tang Priest (whose meat could make creatures live longer)
(04/01/2007 10:10:04) [查看全文]
Monkey Makes Three Attempts to Borrow the Plantain Fan
  The Tang Priest and his three disciples, Monkey (Wukong), Pig and Friar Sand, were heading towards the Western Heaven. Gradually they began to feel hotter and hotter in the warm air. It was very strange, because it was autumn. Later they learnt
(04/01/2007 10:09:50) [查看全文]
  This stour describes two characters from journey to the West. Inside the Country of Aolai, east of the ocean belonging to the Continent of Superior Body, there was the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. On ist peak stood a magic stone. Through years of cultivation the stone turned into a stone monkey. After it learned how to crawl and walk
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