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按揭贷款 mortgage loan  
按揭购房 to buy a house on mortgage; to mortgage a house
房屋空置率 housing vacancy rate  
安居工程 Comfortable Housing Project 
板楼,板式楼 slab-type apartment building
搬迁户 a relocated unit or household
财产税 property tax;estate(or capital) duty
拆迁补偿费 compensation for de
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B: No, I don't live around there, but I know the location and environment of Tai Koo Shing. I know the average price of five thousand Hong Kong Dollars per square foot is very attractive. May I know the size, the layout and the view of the house?
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B: Does this apartment face south?
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B: Okay. I would like to check the house with my wife tomorrow night after seven. Also, can you show me two more apartments for our comparison at the same time?
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5. Visiting the Flat for Lease
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B1: How about the view?
  A3: Over the tenth floor, you will see the beautif
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B: when is the completion date?
  A: The completion date will be on July
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  Received from Mr. Jerome Kern the sum of EIGHT HUNDRED YUAN Only (Renmi
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3. Commercial building for Lease
  3. 出租商业大厦
  Scene: Gateway Tower, Tsim Sha Tsui
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property 物业,资产
  interest 产权
  subsidiary 附属机构,子公司
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administrative institution 行政事业单位
  key zones for development 重点开发区
  tract 大片土地
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? ? 按揭贷款mortgage loan
? ? 按揭购房to buy a house on mortgage; to mortgage a house
? ? 房屋空置率housing vacancy rate
? ? 安居工程Comfortable Housing Project
? ? 板楼,板式楼slab-type apartment building
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