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1.子鼠Mouse(小鼠、耗子)/ Rat(大鼠)
a)play cat and mouse with像猫捉耗子似的欺负(折磨)
b)look like a drowned rat像落水鼠一样(狼狈
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wedding ceremony 结婚典礼
wedding reception 婚宴
register office 结婚登记处
trousseau 嫁妆
usher 引宾员
vows 婚誓
say one's vows 立下婚誓
wedding day 举行婚礼的日子
wedding anniversary 结婚周年纪念日
bridegroom or groom 新郎
officiator 主婚人
pastor 牧师
groomsman 伴郎
bridesmaid 伴娘
honeymoon 蜜月
wedding dress 婚纱、结婚礼服
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If you are seeking happiness in China, Hangzhou is the place to go as the capital of Zhejiang Province topped a magazine poll of more than 3 million citizens rating the country's "10 happiest cities".
Shenyang, capital of Nor
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For two thousand years, China has always preserved a custom of offering a sacrifice to the kitchen god.
Traditionally the Spring Festival actually begins its course a week before the Chinese New Year (the 23rd of the last month from Chinese lunar calendar) with the practice of offering
(10/04/2006 00:07:19) [查看全文]
Paper cutting can be seen in many parts of China during the Spring Festival. People paste patterns on the window, door lintel or desks for the festival atmosphere.
It's difficult to tell when it originated. One saying is that it originated from the religious ceremony or offering sacrifices. The ancient people
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Cloth tiger is a popular folk art in China. Chinese people regard tiger as a symbol to ward off evils and to protect wealth. On the Dragon Boat Festival, people like to make cloth tigers or draw tiger pictures on the forehead, hoping to bring health, strength and braveness. There are various types of cloth tigers.
The ma
(10/04/2006 00:07:19) [查看全文]
Woodcut picture can be traced back to the Han Dynasty when they were used to ward off evils.
In the Song Dynasty (960 A.D.- 1279 A.D.), people used block printing to produce New Year picture. With block printing, many pictures could be produced at a time and put on sale in the market. Therefore woodcut picture bega
(10/04/2006 00:07:19) [查看全文]
Clay tiger is produced in northwest China's Shaanxi province. The size can vary from 6 centimeters to 100 centimeters and is produced with clay in the paper mould.
The clay tiger use the white color as background and draw lines and then add color to it. It is mainly a head of the tiger with big ears, big mouth, wide f
(10/04/2006 00:07:19) [查看全文]
Shadow plays are a folk art originated in rural areas of northwest China's Gansu, Shannxi and Ningxia provinces. Such art was popular between 14th and 19th Century, which is the Ming and Qing Dynasty in China. Figures used in the play look pretty and charming and carving technique requires high skill.
The material used
(10/04/2006 00:07:19) [查看全文]
The shadow plays in northwest China's Shaanxi province keep the form of story telling. It is the predecessor of the many existing local operas.
Simple figures and exquisite handicraft are its two features. People draw lines to depict the general figure. Most part of the figures is pierced, with the non-pierced part se
(10/04/2006 00:07:19) [查看全文]
Shadow plays in north China's Shanxi province are similar to those in Shaanxi in terms of its artistic feature and crafting skill. People draw lines to decorate the tiny parts since they are difficult for knives to pierce. The colors used are mostly bright red, green and apricot that are produced by artisans themselves. These
(10/04/2006 00:07:18) [查看全文]
The central China's Henan province produce clay statuette which can be blown as whistle. There are various kinds of clay statuettes with monkey being frequently seen. There are human face monkeys, monkeys with peach, monkeys with hoe, etc.
Under the local culture, this clay statuette is not only toying but also has cu
(10/04/2006 00:07:18) [查看全文]
Some clay statuettes, which are animals, birds or people, can produce sound. Among the animals, horse is often focused. There are red horse, black horse, double-headed horse or pony. People are also the topic of figurines, which are mostly chosen from stories or legends.
The picture shows a common legend, eight fairie
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