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? ? ? MRS.NIKZAD: What are you doing, Ali? 你在作什么? 阿里
ALI: Ssh. You have to be very quiet! 嘘, 安静些!
MRS.NIKZAD: Why? What are you doing? 为什么? 你在作什么?
ALI: Can''t you see, Mommy? The Martians are landing. 难道你没
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? ? ? FRANK YAMAMOT Father? 爸?
MR.YAMAMOT Yes? 什么事?
FRANK YAMAMOT Wouldn''t you like to take a walk to the Fair today? 您今天有兴趣到万博会去走走吗?
MR.YAMAMOT It''s Saturday. I have to be in the store. 今天是礼拜六,
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? ? ? PEDR Excuse me. How much is the bus? 对不起, 请问巴士车票多少钱?
WOMAN: Fifty cents. 五毛钱.
PEDR Will $10 bill? 十块钱的钞票司机可以找得开吗??the driver change a
WOMAN: I don''t think so. Oh, here''s the bus. 我想不会的, 噢,
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? ? ? PAUL And that, Mr. Crawford, is our plan. We''d like your agency to handle the publicity. 郭佛先生, 我们的计划就是这样子. 我们愿意由你的代理商去负责宣传.
MR.CRAWFORD: Good. 很好,
MR.CRAWFORD: Now let me make sure I have all the facts.
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? ? ? MR. CRAWFORD: Were there any calls? 有没有电话?
LAURA: Yes. Your wife called fifteen minutes ago. 有. 夫人十五分钟以前打电话来.
MR. CRAWFORD: Did she leave a message? 有没有留话?
LAURA: No, sir. And your next appointment is here.
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? ? ? : Dear Miguel, 亲爱的米盖尔:
: Who is this girl, Marta, in the photograph? 照片上面那个女孩子玛它是谁?
: she is very pretty. 她真漂亮.
: Oh, my poor Miguel! 噢, 我可怜的米盖尔!
: I know you are lonely, but you are so young! 我知道你很寂寞, 但
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? ? ? PEDR What''s happening, Tom? 汤姆, 发生了什麽事?
TOM: Man, you know that chick in the bakery? 老兄, 你认识面包店那女孩吗?
PEDR Yeah, Yolanda. 认识, 叫幼兰达.
TOM: No, man, not that one. Emma. 不, 老兄, 不是那个, 是爱玛.
PEDR Emma?
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? ? ? JIM: He doesn''t watch television! 他不看电视,
JIM: He doesn''t go to the movies! He goes to the store every day. 他不看电影, 他每天去商店,
JIM: He never takes a day off! 他未曾休假过!
PEARL: Jim, calm down. 吉姆, 静
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? ? ? CUSTOMER: Congratulations, Mr. Yamamoto. You''re famous! 恭喜你, 山本先生, 你出名了.
MR. YAMAMOT Famous? 出名?
CUSTOMER: Yes. That was a great article about you in the paper. 是啊? 报上有一大篇关於你的文章.
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? ? ? : It isn''t a large room, and the furniture in it isn''t expensive. 房间不大, 里面的家具也不昂贵.
: At one end of the room, there is a small window. 在房间的末尾有个小窗户.
: Next to the window is a large bed. 窗户旁边是张大床.
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? ? ? JOANA: Mama, the Crawfords are coming to dinner next Wednesday. 妈, 郭佛家人在下星期三将来我们家吃晚餐.
MRS. FARIAS: Mr. Crawford. 郭佛先生?
MRS. FARIAS: Isn''t he one of Paulo''s business acquaintances? 他是不是保罗的生意上的朋友
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? ? ? : Michael. Hello. How nice of you to call! 迈克尔, 喂, 你打电话来太好了!
: This Friday night? What a good idea! 这个星期五晚上? 多好的主意!
: Yes. I''m sure Paulo can come. He doesn''t work Friday nights. 是的, 我确定保罗会去, 他
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? ? ? : Of course, sir. We send flowers anywhere in the country. 当然, 先生, 在这个地区里任何地方我们都送的.
: Well, tulips are very pretty. 嗯, 郁金香是很漂亮的.
: They look like... uh... well... cups. 看起来像是... 嗯... 杯子.
: Oh, she likes rose
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? ? ? BILL: Hi, Ali. Where are your parents today? 嗨, 阿里, 你爸妈今天到哪儿去了?
ALI: They''re eating in the Italian restaurant again. 他们又上意大利餐馆去了.
ALI: I like hot dogs more than spaghetti. 我喜欢热狗甚於意大利,
ALI: And ice
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? ? ? : Hello. 哈.
: Hi, Bill. 嗨! 比尔.
: Oh, no. But it''s Saturday night! 噢, 不, 今天是末晚上!
: Yes, I know. But we never see each other these days. The children never see you, either. 是的, 我知道, 但这几天我们彼此都没见面, 孩子也没见过你.
: And what about dinner?
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