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big macs,big/large-cap stock,mega-issue 大盘股
offering,list 上市
bourse 证交所
corporate champion 龙头企业
Shanghai Exchange 上海证交所
pension fund 养老基金
mutual fund 共同基金
hedge mutual fund 对冲式共同基金
share 股票
valuation 股价
underwriter 保险商
government bond 政府债券
saving account 储蓄帐户
equity market 股市
shareholder 股东
delist 摘牌
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Accounting system 会计系统?
American Accounting Association 美国会计协会?
American Institute of CPAs 美国注册会计师协会?
Audit 审计?
Balance sheet 资产负债表?
Bookkeepking 簿记?
Cash flow prospects 现金流量预测?
Certificate in Internal Auditing 内部审计证书?
Certificate in Management Accounting 管理会计证书?
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? ? 旨在适应国际形势发展需要,人民银行总行和国家教育部联合举办金融专业ag倍投|开户考试,(Financial English Certificate Test) 简称FECT。是我国第一个全国范围内的专业ag倍投|开户考试。这是为了培养既懂金融专业又掌握ag倍投|开户运用技能的复合型人才,为我国金融业走向世界作好人才准备。
? ? 该考试每年举行一次, 由FECT考委会负责,一般在人民银行省会城市中心支行所在地设有考点。如郑州,西安,哈尔滨,广州,桂林等。考试时间每年五月份最后一个双休日(星期
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acquiring company? ? ? ? ? 收购公司
bad loan? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 呆帐
chart of cash flow? ? ? ? ? 现金流量表
clearly-established ownership?
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安全网 safety net
按可比口径 on comparable basis
按轻重缓急 to prioritize
暗补 implicit subsidy
暗亏 hidden loss
颁发营业执照 to license;to grant a licence to
办理存款业务 to take deposits
保护农民的生产积极性 to protect farmers'incentive to produce
备付金(超额准备金) excess reserves
本外币并账 consolidation of domestic and foreign curren
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财务公司 finance companies
财政赤字 fiscal deficit
财政挤银行 fiscal pressure on the central bank(over monetary policy)
财政政策与货币政策的配合 coordination of fiscal and monetary policies
采取循序渐进的方法 in a phased and sequenced manner
操作弹性 operational flexibility
操纵汇率 to manipulate exchange rate
产品构成 product composition;product mix
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恶性通货膨胀 hyperinflation
二级市场 secondary market
发行货币 to issue currency
发行总股本 total stock issue
法定准备金 required reserves;reserve requirement
法人股 institutional shares
法人股东 institutional shareholders
法治 rule of law
房地产投资 real estate investment
放松银根 to ease monetary policy
非现场稽核 off-site surv
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改革试点 reform experimentation
杠杆率 leverage ratio
杠杆收购 leveraged buyout
高息集资 to raise funds by offering high interest
个人股 non-institutional shares
根本扭转 fundamental turnaround(or reversal)
公开市场操作 open market operations
公款私存 deposit public funds in personal accounts
公用事业 public utilities
公有经济 the state-owned
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基本建设投资 investment in infrastructure
基本经济要素 economic fundamentals
基本适度 broadly appropriate
基准利率 benchmark interest rate
机关团体存款 deposits of non-profit institutions
机会成本 opportunity cost
激励机制 incentive mechanism
积压严重 heavy stockpile;excessive inventory
挤提存款 run on banks
挤占挪用 unwarranted diversio
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开办人民币业务 to engage in RMB business
可维持(可持续)经济增长 sustainable economic growth
可变成本 variable cost
可自由兑换货币 freely convertible currency
控制现金投放 control currency issuance
扣除物价因素 in real terms;on inflation-adjusted basis
库存产品 inventory
跨国银行业务 cross-border banking
跨年度采购 cross-year procurement
会计准则 accounting stand
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买方市场 buyer's market
卖方市场 seller's market
卖出回购证券 matched sale of repo
贸易差额 trade balance
民间信用 non-institutionalized credit
免二减三 exemption of income tax for the first two years ofmaking profit and 50% tax reduction for thefollowing three years
明补 explicit subsidy
明亏 explicit loss
名牌产品 brand products
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泡沫效应 bubble effect
泡沫经济 bubble economy
培育新的经济增长点 to tap new sources of economic growth
片面追求发展速度 excessive pursuit of growth
平衡发展 balanced development
瓶颈制约 bottleneck(constraints)
平稳回升 steady recovery
铺底流动资金 initial(start-up)working capital
普遍回升 broad-based recovery
配套改革 concomitant(supporting)reforms
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企业办社会 enterprises burdened with social responsibilities
企业集团战略 corporate group strategy
企业兼并重组 company merger and restructuring
企业领导班子 enterprise management
企业所得税 enterprise(corporate)income tax
企业效益 corporate profitability
企业资金违规流入股市 irregular flow of enterprise funds into the stock market
欠税 tax arrears
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三角债 chain debts;inter-enterprise arrears
善政廉政 good governance
商业贷款 commercial loans
上市公司 (publicly)listed corporations
设备利用 capacity utilization
社会保障 social safety net;social security(insurance)
深层次矛盾 deep-rooted structural imbalance
审批金融机构 to license financial institutions
审慎监管 prudential supervision
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