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feeding 供养
? ? to feed 供养
? ? to nourish 养育
? ? to maintain 赡养
? ? nutrition 营养
? ? to eat 吃
? ? to drink 喝
? ? to chew 嚼
? ? to swallow 吞咽
? ? to
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碗糕 Salty rice pudding
  筒仔米糕 Rice tube pudding
  红豆糕 Red bean cake
  绿豆糕 Bean paste cake
  糯米糕 Glutinous rice cakes
  萝卜糕 Fried white radish patty
  芋头糕 Taro cake
  肉圆 Taiwanese Meatballs
  水晶饺 Pyramid dumplings
  肉丸 Rice-meat dumplings
  豆干 Dried tofu
  其 他
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面 类
  馄饨面 Wonton & noodles
  刀削面 Sliced noodles
  麻辣面 Spicy hot noodles
  麻酱面 Sesame paste noodles
  鸭肉面 Duck with noodles
  鳝鱼面 Eel noodles
  乌龙面 Seafood noodles
  榨菜肉丝面 Pork, pickled mustard green noodles
  牡蛎细面 Oyster thin noodles
  板条 Flat noodles
  米粉 Rice
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烧饼 Clay oven rolls
油条 Fried bread stick
韭菜盒Fried leek dumplings
水饺 Boiled dumplings
蒸饺 Steamed dumplings
馒头 Steamed buns
割包 Steamed sandwich
饭团 Rice and vegetable roll
蛋饼 Egg cakes
皮蛋 100-year egg
咸鸭蛋Salted duck eg
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? ? ? bar 酒吧
counter 吧台
bar chair 酒吧椅
barman 酒吧男招待
barmaid 酒吧女招待
bottle opener 开瓶刀
corkscrew 酒钻
ice shaver 削冰器
ice maker 制冰机
ice bucket 小冰桶
ice tongs 冰勺夹
ice scoop 冰勺
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? ? ? A.餐类
breakfast 早餐
to have breakfast 吃早餐
lunch 午餐
to have lunch 用午餐
afternoon tea 下午茶(4-5点钟)
high tea 午茶,茶点(下午黄昏时)
dinner, supper 晚饭
to dine, to have dinner, to have supper 吃晚饭
soup 汤
hors d''oeuvre (正餐前的)开胃食品
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? ? ? feeding 供养
to feed 供养
to nourish 养育
to maintain 赡养
subsistence 衣食
nutrition 食物
to eat 吃
to drink 喝
to chew 嚼
to swallow 吞咽
to nibble, to peck 细嚼
appetite 胃口
hunger 饥饿
thirst 口渴
to be hungry 饿
to be thir
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Sterile water bottles
200 ml, 500 ml, or 950 ml water. Autoclave. 0.05 M CaCl2
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Enzymes are complex globular protein catalysts that accelerate chemical reaction rates by factors of 1012-1020 over that of uncatalyzed reactions at temperatures around 37℃.By contrast, industrial catalysts (inorganic substances) are orders of magnitude less effective than enzymes under comparable conditions. For exam
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Proteins are molecules of great size, complexity, and diversity. They are the source of dietary amino acids, both essential and nonessential, that are used for growth, maintenance, and the general well-being of man. These macromolecules, characterized by their nitrogen contents, are involved in many vital processes intricately associated with al
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