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I've come to make sure that your stay in Shanghai is a pleasant one.
You're going out of your way for us, I believe.
It's just the matter of the schedule, that is, if it is convenient for you right now.
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  9、Asking for Repetition 请求重复
  I’m afraid I didn’t understand that. Could you repeat what you just said?
  I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat that, please?
  I missed that. Could you say it again, please?
  Could you run that by me one more time?
  10、Asking for Clarification 要求澄清
  I don’t quite follow you. What exactly d
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  In this conversation, gregory Cosgrove, the CEO of a large telecommunications company, discusses a large-scale reorganization with Gloria Atkinson, his Human Relations manager.
  gregory: Gloria, before I officially announce the reorganization, I want your final feedback.
  Gloria: I’ve gone through the entire plan again, and I’m sure t
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  Len Matheson is the owner of a small company that’s rapidly expanding. He’s getting advice from Mary Carlyle, a business consultant, on developing a functional organizational structure to better deal with his company’s expansion.
  Mary: Mr. Matheson, I’ve studied all your reports, and your company is making excellent progress.
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  I ve heard so much about you.
  Long time no see.
  You've had a long day. You've had a long flight.
  Distinguished/Honorable/Respected friends
  Your Excellency
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? You can accept someone's apology by saying:
That's all right!It's perfectly all right.It really doesn't matter.
Here are some expressions that are often used in meetings.
If you're in a meeting, you can find out what the other people in the group think by saying:
What are your views on t
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1. Dear Mr./Ms,
Mr. John Green, our General Manager, will be in Paris from June 2 to 7 and would like to come and see you, say, on June 3 at 2.00 p.m. about the opening of a sample room there.Please let us know if the time is convenient for you. If not, what time you would suggest.
Yours faithfully,
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1. 因货物与样品不一致,要求退货
We have received today the goods we ordered on June 10. On examination we have found not all the goods correspond with your original samples. The quality is much inferior and the weights lighter.We are, therefore, returning the goods to you with freight forward.
2. 通知对方到货数量不足,要求送来不足部分
Your goods have arrived to
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A: I don’t believe we’ve met.
B: No, I don’t think we have.
A: My name is Chen Sung-lim.
B: How do you do? My name is Fred Smith.
A: 我们以前没有见过吧?
A: Here’s my name card.
B: And here’s mine.
A: It’s nice to finally meet you.
B: And I’m glad to meet
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To: XX Company    Attn: Mr X
From: Mr Wang      Date: 2000/1/23 
Fax No: 2233666    Ref No: FO 1216-01
Subject: Providing Information
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? ? 1. I will send you some brochuresif you are interested.
2. Can you suggest an alternative﹖
3. As an alternativeI wish to propose May 3rd.
4. If you are interestedwe may consider selecting you as our
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Congratulation letter 1
Dear Mr. / Ms,
On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of your National Day, please accept our heartiest congratulations. May the trade connections between our countries continue to develop with each passing day!
Yours faithfully
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? ? 与外商进行商务谈判时大多用ag倍投|开户进行,所以这个时候我们要注意避免跨国文化交流产生的歧义,交谈时尽量用简单、清楚、明确的ag倍投|开户,不说易引起对方反感的话语,如下列这些词语中就带有不信任色彩,可能会客户不愿积极与我们合作。
? ? “to tell you the truth”,“I’ll be honest with you…”,“I? will do my best.”“it’s none of my business but…”。
? ? 为了避免误会,我们可用释义法确保沟通顺利进行。如,“we would accept price if you co
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(一)It is a condition of this letter that the name of this Bank will not be disclosed in the event of our report being passed on to your clients.
? ? ? 译文:本函有一个条件,即在把我们的报告转交你们的客户时,请勿泄露本行的名称。
? ? ? 这段话是出自银行对某项咨询的回复信函。此类复信一般包括三部分:
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I. “会听”
要尽量鼓励对方多说,向对方说:“yes”,“please go on”,并提问题请对方回答,使对方多谈他们的情况。
II. 巧提问题
用开放式的问题来了解进口商的需求,使进口商自由畅谈。“can you tell me more about your campany?”“what do you think of our proposal?”
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