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93、What cold weather it is!
注释:这是常见的感叹句式,用What 修饰cold weather 。
94. It’s freezing today!
注释:it 代替天气。这句话的原意可翻译为:今天滴水成冰。
95. I wonder what the weather is going to be like tomorrow.
注释:I wonder 我想知道。be like 象什么样子。is going to 表示将来时。
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99. I’m reporting for work today.
100. I heard Lao Wu quit his job.
注释:这句话要用过去时,动词用过去时heard 。quit his job,辞去工作。
101. Who will take over his position?
注释:take over 代替,接任。
102. Would you like a transfer to another department?
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109. Tell me about your family.
110. How many people are there in your family?
111. Do your parents still work now?
112. Do you have a brother or a sister?
注释:表示疑问,用or 而不用and。
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117. I haven’t seen Xiao Li lately .How is he?
118. How’s your father been?
119. As a matter of fact ,he hasn’t been feeling too well.
120. I’m sorry to hear that.What’s the matter?
121. He has a slight fever.
122. Tell him I hope he’s better soon.
123. I’ll tell him.Tha
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124. Do you have any hobbies?
125. Yes , I like bowling.
126. What are you interested in?
127. I’m interested in reading novels.
128. Are you a football fan?
129. Oh,yes .I’m crazy about football.
130. I’m not very keen on opera.
131. I thought you liked boxing.
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133.Can /May I help you?
134. Do you need any help?
135. Would you like me to do that for you?
136.Is there anything I can do to help you?
137. Could you do me a favour?
138. Could you give me a hand?
139. Will you switch the light off?
140. Would you pass me the
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141. Can /May I use your phone?
142. Could you spare me a few minutes?
143. Do you mind if I open the window?
144. Would I read your newspaper for a while?
145. May I borrow your bike/ umbrella/camera…?
146. Are we permitted to take pictures here?
147. Is it okay with you if
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149.Do you have any idea/comment on the plan?
150. What do you think of this magazine?
151. What’s your view /opinion /idea of this plan?
152.Could I know your reaction to the this plan?
153. Could you suggest some way of losing weight?
154. What would you say about UFO?
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158 Let's have a beer or something ,shall we?
159 Yes,let's go.
160 Shall we go out for a walk?
161 Why don't you take some medicine?
162 What about going window shopping?
163 How about going out for dinner?
164 I'd like to suggest that you take a few days off.
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50. Please sort these documents.
51. I’d like to send an E-mail.
52. Please send the fax to Hongkong.
53. Could you photocopy this report for me?
54. Would you please type this notice ? It’s rather urgent.
55. Would you be able to show me how to operate the fax machine?
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Opening words(开场白)
58. Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?
59. Welcome to our meeting.
60. I would like to express my welcome to all the participants here.
61. It is my home to introduce today’s keynote speaker, Mr .Black.
62.Let’s welcome Mr. Black.
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76. What’s your name?
77. What makes you decide to apply for the position?
78. Can you use a computer?
79. Do you speak foreign languages ?
80. Yes ,I can speak English ,and a little Japanese.
81. What hobbies do you have?
82. When can I know the results?
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84. What’s the time now?
85. Could you please tell me the time?
86. It’s two o’clock.
87. How long have you worked in this office?
88. I’ve worked here since March.
89. It’s Thursday.
90. What ’s the date today?
91. It’s May 1.
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1. Hi ,I’m Lin Qing. Where are you from?
注释:be from,从哪里来,哪的人。
2. I’m Jane Smith ,from America .Just call me Jane .
我是简 史密斯,来自美国。叫我简好了。
3. This is Jane, my classmate.
4. I’d like to introduce my friend Li
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