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? ? 本文是一个应届毕业生的求职 简历 ,想得到一份人力资源部门的职位。由于是应届毕业生,没有工作经验,只有社会实践,因此本文主要突出的是求职者在学校的一些情况。
ResumePersonal Data:Name:Steve Lee
Data of Birth: June 11, 1980
Marriage Status: Single
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  随着中国日益融入世界经济的整体,ag倍投|开户在工作中的重要性这一点已经勿庸置疑,但是对于其究竟有多么重要,大家似乎还没有清晰的认识。应聘者的专业知识和个人气质是两个重要的考查点,而ag倍投|开户往往可以起到弥补甚至掩盖以上两点不足的作用。笔者大学毕业后曾去多家500强企业应聘,由于大学专业是 法语 ,在商务知识上可谓一窍不通,在多次对于诸如“what is marketing?”之类的问题上的回答往往不能是考官满意,但是由于语言交流没有问题,还是顺利拿到了多家公司的offer。对于这一点,笔者在工作后曾和当时自己的面试官有过沟通,他的一席话使笔者颇有感触:
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Dear Sirs,
I am a senior of computer science in Shanghai University of technology. I would like to work as an intern for an IT company. As I have a wide interest in computer, I will do whatever job assigned to me, in software development or in technical support. One of my strong p
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Room 212 Building 343
Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084
(010) 62771234 Email:good@tsinghua.edu.com
Zhang Yan
To obtain a challenging position as a software engineer with an empha
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Respected leaders:
Hello! My heartfelt thanks to you I read his busy schedule of this material, and wish Guichanli cause thriving and prosperous!
I Anhui Industrial University College of Civil Engineering and Water Supply and Drainage Engineering graduates at 08 Linyuan, since entering university, the College
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Dear Sir,
On my graduation form college this fall, I am desirous of securing a position that will offer me opportunity in the field of import and export trading. Knowing something of the scope and enterprise of your huge export department, I thought perhaps you would keep me in mind for a possible opening.
I am strong and alert,
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? ? ? I have the honor to present a brief introduction of myself to you in compliance with the requirements of your graduate admission
I was born in November 7th, 1966, at the town of Changing, Beijing. My parents are doing business and farming. I ha
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I was born on December 6, 1967 in Shijiazhuang, the largest city in Hebei, China. I lived there until completion of senior high school study in 1984.
In September 1984, I w
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? ? ?
I was born in Beijing, China in 1945. In my early school years I attended Lao Song Primary School. After my graduation I entered the Beijing lst Girls School This is the best middle school in Beijing. Girls a
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My name is Harry Lin. On May 25, 1958, I was born in Xinying, a little town in Southern Fujian. My father is a farmer, planting bananas and pineapples, and my mother takes care
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? ? ?
When I was a high school boy, my father undertook a task of rearranging a data processing system with computer equipment for a government office. Which increasing contact, I decided to be a computer engineer t
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? ? ? A: Are you a student leader at college?
B: Yes. I''ve served as the monitor of our class for two years.
A: Have you got any honors or rewards in your university days?
B: Yes. I'
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? ? ? A: Why are you interested in working with this company?
B: I am interested in working with your company because I know yours is one of the largest computer companies in our country (porvince, city). My major in
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? ? ? About your plans for future work
A: Tell me what you know about our company.
B: All right. Your company is a Sina-American joint venture. Your head office is in the U.S.A. There are a lot of subsi
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? ? ? About your language abilities
A: What foreign languages can you speak?
B: I can only speak English as far as foreign languages are concerned.
A: Which band of College English Test have you pas
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