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??? 高考ag倍投|开户作文里,如果有一些精彩的句子,也能起到加分的作用,下面有一些历年了来高考ag倍投|开户写作的一些经典好句子,供大家参考~一起来ag亚游赢钱方法|HOME下~

(13)Beijing consumes 2.8 million tons of coal each year, of which 75 percent are low-grade coal.
(14)To make room for those buildings, trees are being cut down, grass plots occupied. Cities look like nothing but GREy concrete woods.
(15)Modern cities should be expanding with a certain percentage for green-plant areas.
(16)We must begin now to protect our only earth.
(17)Almost everything we use daily comes from the land directly or indirectly.
(18)But the limited land is decreasing at a surprising speed.(13)Beijing consumes 2.8 million tons of coal each year, of which 75 percent are low-grade coal.www.yyzuowen.com
(19)The nature has given us so much, but looks at what we have done in return for its generosity.
(20)The ozone layer is our natural shield in the sky, but this shield is in great danger due to human activities. To protect the ozone layer is to protect us.
(21)Depleting the ozone layer allows more UV-B to reach the earth, which means more skin cancers, more eye cataracts(白内障),weakened immune systems, and reduced plant yield.
(22)The nature has been irritated, which results in the shortage of valuable resources, air pollution, countless acres of lands becoming deserts, etc.
(23)Fortunately, many countries have got to know the seriousness of the problem and take active measures to preserve the environment.

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