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[日期:2019-06-25] ? [字体: ]
?? 我们知道,在写作中,如果用词不准确,不但不能清楚地表达自己的意思,要想得高分也是很难的,ag倍投|开户作文也是一样,如何提高ag倍投|开户作文的准确性~让我们一起来ag亚游赢钱方法|HOME下吧~

(1) I [was walking] along Park Road towards the east [when] an elderly man came out of the park on the other side of the street.??
表达法:make a right turn 朝右转弯
(2) The car didn't stop but [drove off] at GREat speed [heading west].
表达法:drive off heading west 高速向西开去
(3) On the other side,[where the playground used to be] now [stands another new building - our library].
(4) After a short rest, we [had great fun singing] and dancing,telling jokes or stories.???
句式:have fun (in) doing sth
(5) The time passed quickly. [Before] we knew it, we had to say goodbye to the workers.
→使用before译成:“还未来得及……, 就”。
(6) My brother was riding [with] me sitting on the seat [behind].
→该句使用with结构, 其结构为[with + 宾语 + 宾语补足语]。
该结构的情景描述功能十分突出。此外, behind一词用作seat定语的用法也十分轻巧。 www.cooyu.net
(7) There is [sure] to be a lot of fun.
→ 在There is句式中加入be sure to等表达是十分有用的写作技巧, 又如:
There happened to be...??
There seems to be ...
① Mother is happy with all the children at home.
② The boy slept well with the windows open.?
③ With his homework done, he felt quite relaxed.
他的作业已经完成, 他感觉很轻松。
???? with +? someone/something + 宾语补足语 (形容词)/(副词)/(介词短语)/(不定式) /(现在分词)/(过去分词)

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