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[日期:2019-06-25] ? [字体: ]

BEN: Of course.

MRS. ROBINSON: Thank you.

MRS. ROBINSON: How are you?

BEN: Very well. Thank you.

MRS. ROBINSON: May I have a drink?

BEN: A drink? Of course.

(Ben looks toward a passing WAITER and raises his hand.
The waiter pays no attention. Ben looks back at Mrs. Robinson apologetically.)

BEN: He didn't see me.


MRS. ROBINSON: I will have a martini.

WAITER #1: Yes, madam.

MRS. ROBINSON: You don't have to be so nervous, you know.

BEN: Nervous. Well, I am a bit nervous. I mean it's ?
it's pretty hard to be suave when you're ?

MRS. ROBINSON: Did you get us a room?

BEN: What?

MRS. ROBINSON: Have you gotten us a room yet?

BEN: I haven't. No.

MRS. ROBINSON: Do you want to?

BEN: Well ? I don't. I mean I could. Or we could just talk.

MRS. ROBINSON: Do you want me to get it?

BEN: You? Oh no. No. I'll get it.

MRS. ROBINSON: Do you want to get it now?

BEN: Now?


BEN: Well ? I don't know.

MRS. ROBINSON: Why don't you get it.

BEN: Why don't I get it? Well ? I will then. If you'll excuse me.
(Ben walks out of the Veranda Room and into the lobby.)

ROOM CLERK: Yes sir?

BEN: A room. I'd like a room, please.

ROOM CLERK: A single room or a double room?

BEN: A single. Just for myself, please.

ROOM CLERK: Will you sign the register, please?

He pushes the card and a pen toward Ben.
Ben writes his name on the card and then stares
at it for a moment, crumples it up and fills out a second card.

ROOM CLERK: Is anything wrong, sir?

BEN: What? No. Nothing.

ROOM CLERK: Do you have any luggage, Mister ?Gladstone?

BEN: Luggage? Yes. Yes. I do.

ROOM CLERK: Where is it?

BEN: What?

ROOM CLERK: Where is your luggage?

BEN: Well it's in the car. It's out in the car.

ROOM CLERK: Very good, sir. I'll have a porter bring it in.

BEN: Oh no.


BEN: I mean I'd ? I'd rather not go to the trouble of bringing it all in.
I just have a toothbrush. I can get it myself. If that's all right.

ROOM CLERK: Of course.

ROOM CLERK: I'll have a porter show you the room.

BEN: Oh. Well actually, I'd just as soon find it myself.
I just have the toothbrush to carry up and I think I can manage it myself.

ROOM CLERK: Whatever you say, sir.

BEN: Thank you.

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