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[日期:2018-10-31] ? [字体: ]

A very long time ago in the town of Nazareth Mary was alone in her house when an angel visited her and told her that she was going to have a baby that she would call Jesus. This baby would be God's son.

Not long after Mary had to go with Joseph on a long journey back to where Joseph's family had been born to pay a tax and be counted. This was a long hard journey and Mary got very tired.?

They tried to stop and rest in an inn, but all of the inns were full up. All that they could find to rest in was a stable. In that stable baby Jesus was born.

In a distant land three kings were amazed to find a star in the sky which foretold the birth of a GREat king. They started a journey to follow the star and see the new king. The star led them across mountains and deserts to the town of Bethlehem. They went to the royal palace expecting to find the new king there. They did not find him there, but in the stable. They gave Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Meanwhile on the hills outside the town there were shepherds watching their sheep. They saw the bright star and heard beautiful singing. Angels appeared before them telling them about baby Jesus' birth. They too visited Jesus with gifts of lambs.

Everyone went and told other people of the wonderful news that God's son had been born and his name was Jesus.?

Nazareth 巴勒斯坦古城拿撒勒 tax 税
inn 旅店 stable 马厩
distant 远方的 amazed 吃惊的
foretold foretell的过去式,预示 Bethlehem 伯利恒,耶稣诞生地
royal 王室的 frankincense 乳香
myrrh 没药树 shepherd 牧羊人
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