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[日期:2006-05-28] ? [字体: ]

Dear teachers:

Good afternoon!

It is my pleasure to have this opportunity for an interview and I hope I can make a good performance today..

Now I will introduce myself briefly.

My name is Liuqiang, I am 22 years old and come from Yibing . There are three members in my family.Both of my parents are workers.My major is Process Equipment and Controlling Engineering in chemical engineering college of Sichuan University.I will get my bachelor deGREe in July.

In the past four years,I have been studying hard.I was granted the second class prize and gained several kinds of diplomas.Besides passing CET4,I also get the certificates of AutoCAD and Autodesk.In my spare time,I like reading,painting,travelling listening music and playing football.When I was a freshman,I joined the students uion and finally became a minister of the Propaganda department through my hard work.

One question was ever asked:what have you lived for? A philosopher said that the longing for knowledge was one of the reasons to live.Of course it is also one of my reasons to live.Moreover,it is important for one to realize his dreams,especially in this modren competitive society.In the other hand,my college has a good reputation on the field where my research interest lies and so many excellent teachers? form the strong scientific research power.That is why I choose to further my study here.

That is all!Thanks for giving me the chance!



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